Loyalty Points Program: Mainnet Launch Phrase 1

Story Background:

Rho Markets
5 min readMay 28, 2024

When “they” arrived at Rho World, “they” were captivated by this magical world. In this fantastical marketplace, they discovered a whole new adventure. This world was filled with a variety of mystical pets, each with their own unique abilities and traits.

As Roners, their mission was to collect these pets and level them up by earning experience points. With each level their pets gained, they became stronger, acquiring new skills and abilities. This filled them with excitement because they knew that with these powerful pets, they would be able to showcase their abilities in the epic battles of Rho World.

Rho Pet:

For each new asset listed, we will introduce a corresponding pet. Users can obtain the pet by supplying the respective asset and reaching a certain quantity (usually equivalent to 0.05 ETH worth of the asset). The supplied asset will continuously provide experience points (RXP, Royalty Points) to the pet at a rate per Second.

The larger the supplied asset, the higher the rate of experience gained per Second. Pets will level up as they accumulate experience points, with the required experience for each level increasing exponentially. Once a pet reaches a certain level, it will evolve to the second or third stage.

One of the Story of “ETH” Rho Pet here:

In the realm of Rho World, there exists a mysterious pet called Nebo. Nebo is a majestic dog surrounded by shimmering nebula, representing the digital essence of Ethereum.

Habitat: Nebo resides in the Ethereum Nebula, a place filled with mystery and enchantment. The Ethereum Nebula is enveloped by vibrant nebulae and flowing digital energy, allowing the residents to interact and learn from Nebo.

Attributes: Nebo is a pet with mystical powers, emanating a nebula-like aura that symbolizes the digital nature of Ethereum. Its eyes sparkle with wisdom and creativity, giving the residents the power of hope and innovation. Nebo’s appearance resembles the legendary Pokémon in the world of Pokémon, making it a highly acclaimed entity in Rho World.

Personality: Nebo is an intelligent and friendly pet. It is curious and adventurous, always eager to help the residents understand the secrets of Ethereum. Nebo possesses unwavering beliefs and selfless dedication, always standing by the residents’ side and guiding them towards innovation and success. Despite its mysterious powers, Nebo remains humble and amiable, establishing deep interactions and trust with the residents.

Apart from being the guardian of Ethereum, Nebo possesses a special ability: it can merge with the nebula and unleash powerful energy waves, aiding the residents in better understanding the workings and innovative potential of Ethereum. When Nebo showcases these energy waves, the entire Ethereum Nebula is bathed in bright light, bringing joy and delight to the residents.

Nebo’s presence brings forth new adventures and explorations for the residents. It leads them to delve into the mysteries of the Scroll and harness the power of zk-rollup, allowing them to deeply understand and experience the wonders and boundless possibilities of Ethereum. Through interaction with Nebo, the residents not only gain wisdom and strength but also create their own legendary stories in Rho World.

By the way, the most important part, the generated RXP not only helps pets level up but also accumulates in the user’s points panel as proof for future $RATE token airdrops.

Detailed Rules:

  1. Users who supply at least 0.05ETH(or an equivalent amount in Stablecoin) in Rho will activate the asset pet system. For each additional 1 USDT (or an equivalent amount of assets) amount staked, users will accumulate an additional 1 point/day. Points will be updated every 4 hours. All accumulated points will be included in the leaderboard.
  2. Each asset class on Rho will be a unique pet, who has its own story and life. By supplying the asset, the pet level will increase, till max 99 levels. Higher level pets will unlock more benefits.
  3. Users with a supply amount greater than 0.1 ETH will generate an exclusive invitation code. The invited user must supply at least 0.05 ETH to be considered a valid member, and the inviter will receive 5% of the invited person’s points.
  4. For every milestone reached (protocol TVL), users who participated before the snapshot will be allocated a new round of points. The specific data is shown in the table below.
  5. Borrow users can accumulate 1 point/day for every 1 USDT(or equivalent Asset) borrowed. Borrowing ETH by invited users does not count as an invitation reward.
  6. Every individual Wallet address can participant 1 one-time Raffle every single day, there’s multiple possibilities options including 1.2X, 1.5X, or 2X boosting on points mining, but also maybe will be 0.8X, 0.5X boosting for points, and the Raffle is only for the day user participants, the second day will be back 1X again and user can participants raffle again.

Referral Codes:

Joining with a Referral Code & Referral URLs are available to everyone. If you have a referral code, please enter it during the registration process. The app will verify it before allowing you to proceed with the rest of the onboarding flow.

Only new Rhoers are eligible to join with a referral code. If you have already joined Rho World, you will not be able to input a referral code retroactively.

Your Referral Code Upon joining Rho World, you will automatically receive a unique referral URL and code. Feel free to share this with your friends to encourage them to join Rho World using your code.

“Lucky” Big Wheel (Launch soon):

Users can participate in a one-time Raffle every day. The Raffle offers multiple possibilities, including 1.2X, 1.5X, or 2X boosting on points mining.

However, there may also be options with reduced boosting like 0.8X or 0.5X. After participating in the Raffle, users return to the standard 1X boost for the following day.

Mainnet Launch Acceleration Plan:

During the first months of our mainnet launch, we will progressively introduce a series of assets along with their corresponding pets. We will initiate the RXP (Loyalty Points & Pet Experience) Acceleration Plan, which will maintain approximately 3–5 times the normal rate of point generation for a period of time. This ensures that you can opt to join us early to earn more RXP.